Meet Susan

As a professional portrait photographer, I have been specializing in newborns, children, maternity, and families for over 8 years. It brings me joy to photograph with all ages of children and their families.  After investing in an enormous amount of continuing education and equipment to hone the unique skill set associated with newborn photography, I am blessed to have many of my long time clients start out as newborn clients.  Working out of studio in Santa Monica with glorious natural light, equipment and props, I am able to provide a wonderful environment and service for my clients.  For those who desire shoots on location, I do also travel. 

My style is contemporary, yet timeless; fresh; and lighthearted. My goal is to capture the essence of my subjects, and the emotions of the moment. I love putting children (and adults) at ease, connecting with them and having fun in the process.

Let's celebrate the birth of your child, your child's milestones and your family! This is such a special time for you, and I would be honored to create timeless images for you that you and your family can cherish forever.

My Mission

It is my mission to take photos of your children that will make your heart sing--now and for years to come. And it is my desire for excellence that drives the level of quality and service I have to offer.

From the moment we cradle our children in our arms for the first time, we take photographs of them. When they are first born their itsy bitsy noses, tiny toes, and curled lips fascinate us. It's almost instinctual to try to preserve the moments of their childhood through pictures. In what seems like a blink of an eye, these little newborns become chubby babies, then running toddlers, and then go off to school. Those photographs become some of the most treasured items that your children will take with them throughout their lives, creating a value to them that is priceless. The snapshots that your family take will be so important for preserving your legacy and your memories. And then there are the images of your family that you DREAM of, that you may not be able to get on your own. What are those? That is what I am driven to capture for you! It brings me immense joy to be able to take the professional talent and skills I've been honing for many years, and apply them to helping families preserve these special moments in ways that they often have trouble doing themselves.

These helped shape my photography
My Approach

Newborns: I can't hide my enthusiasm and love for photographing newborns and their families.  And I beleive that comes through in how I am naturally warm, patient and gentle with them.  And I know parents have a lot going on at this special time in their lives, so I make it a priority to make everything very easy, flexible and enjoyable for them.

Children: I love working with children, and I make every effort to make the session fun for them. I like to get down on their level with them, and I strive to make them comfortable with me. This way we can get the most natural images possible. My goal is to have a relaxed, fun session. I do some posed shots, but mostly I follow my subjects around while they are doing their thing. With maternity and families and older children, I like to do a mix of posed and spontaneous, interactive shots. Your session can be as formal or casual as you wish.

Whether my subject is an adult or child, my goal is to bring out his or her natural character and true essence in my images. Sometime that will involve lots of smiles, and sometimes not. Some of my favorite shots of my children are when they are deep in thought or engaged deeply in discovering a snail or a rock. I will not rush your session, and I understand that breaks are often warranted, especially when photographing children.